2015 Toyota Yaris vs Nissan Versa Note in Brooklyn NY

Serving Queens and New York, NY

Toyota Yaris

Nissan Versa Note

Base MSRP:



NHTSA Front Crash Rating:

4 stars

3 stars

2 Door Body:


Not Available

Power Windows:


Only on Higher Trim

Power Locks:


Only on Higher Trim

Knee Airbags:


Not Available

Just because the 2015 Yaris is the smallest Toyota doesn't mean it has any less of the quality and dependability that Toyota is famous for. Come see for yourself how much Toyota-ness they can stuff into a sub-compact at Plaza Toyota in Brooklyn, NY, just a few minutes from Queens.

The 2015 Nissan Versa Note tries to offer a quality car at a low sticker price, but the low price took priority, and it's easy to see all the corners that were cut.

Yaris Safety vs. Versa Note Safety

It's only natural to worry about safety when buying a small car when you see how big some of the trucks on the road are. The Toyota Yaris manages to get a 5 star front crash rating from NHTSA, compared to the 3 star rating the Versa Note gets. The passenger in the test of the Note fared even worse, only getting a 2 star rating. The standard front knee airbags in the Yaris are one of the reasons it scored well, and the Versa does not have them.

Yaris Body Styles vs. Versa Note Body Styles

The most popular style of both of these cars is the 4-door hatchback, but drivers with longer legs will be happy to know Toyota offers a 2-door model as well. Nissan offers an additional body style Versa, but it is an awkward 4-door sedan, with a very small trunk at the back. The 2-door Yaris offers a bigger door opening, that's easier for longer-legged drivers and passengers to use.

Yaris Standard Features vs. Versa Note Standard Features

Nissan left out a lot of features in order to get a low sticker price, but Toyota didn't play that game. Here are some of the things you have to pay extra for at Nissan:

  • Power windows
  • Power locks
  • Cargo area cover
  • Height adjustable front seat
  • Rear headrests
  • Cabin air filter

The 2015 Toyota Yaris doesn't punish you for wanting a small car; it's just as good as the rest of the Toyota lineup, only smaller. See all the various sizes of Toyota at Plaza Toyota in Brooklyn, and you don't even have to leave New York City to take a test drive.

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